Individual Support

We offer several individual support services for caregivers of people living with a mental health issue. Short- to medium-term follow-up is offered to individuals, couples or family members, enabling them to acquire tools and coping strategies, and to express their emotions in complete confidentiality. Our counsellors tailor their sessions to the unique needs and situations of each person, whether adult, adolescent or child.


We offer individual and group counselling to provide support to family members, friends and/or caregivers of a person who may or may not have been diagnosed with a mental health issue. Counselling sessions are conducted by highly qualified counsellors.

Family Peer Support:

Caregivers can receive support from a family peer support worker. A family peer support worker is trained to offer you human support based on their own experience and experiential knowledge. Like you, they have experienced difficult situations as caregivers.

Art therapy:

Art therapy involves the creation and exploration of artistic productions with an art therapist.  It enables the creative expression of emotions, awareness and self-discovery in a safe, welcoming space.  No talent or knowledge of art is necessary to benefit.


Dramatherapy is an experience-based, active bodywork approach. It enables participants to tell their stories, identify their goals, work on their issues and express their emotions.

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