Community Awareness

The goal of our awareness activities is to help educate the public about mental illness in order to try to reduce the stigma associated with it. We want to sensitize the public about mental illness and help them understand what it is as well as what impact it can have on friends, family members and caregivers. We also want to use these awareness activities as a way to expand our reach and let more people in need know about what help, services and resources that they can find at our organization.


Hospital and Clinic

A volunteer Liaison Representative is available at the Lakeshore hospital  to provide support for friends, families and/or caregivers whose loved one with a mental health disorder or mental illness is hospitalized or awaiting evaluation.


Tailored Presentations (Schools, Police Force, etc.)

We offer a variety of presentations in different settings (schools, workplaces, police forces, communities, etc.). These presentations aim to increase awareness about mental illnesses, decrease the stigma surrounding it and facilitate access to mental health services.

Promotional Kiosks

Educational institutions

Our kiosks are a great opportunity to introduce our organization, educate people about mental health and present our services. When we present this information to teachers and other professionals in schools, they become better informed about mental health issues. These professionals can then properly refer students to our resources. Youth are even more affected by their loved one’s mental health disorder and given that there is so much stigma surrounding it, they don’t dare to speak about it. Just by letting them know that our services are there to help makes a huge difference in their lives.

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