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Art Therapy

Art Therapy involves the creation and exploration of artistic productions with an art therapist.  It enables creative expression of emotions, awareness-raising and self-discovery in a safe, welcoming space.  No talent or knowledge of art is necessary to benefit from Art Therapy.  As a caregiver, the art therapy process can facilitate self expression, develop self-esteem, help you connect and find your inner resources for life challenges, move towards acceptance of certain aspects of life, navigate relationships with loved ones living with mental health issues or recharge and enhance well-being.

To find out more about art therapy, watch the video called « Conférence #18 | Démystifier l'art-thérapie avec Gabrielle Gingras ».


Art Therapy

For Children

Art is a natural language for children, and one that facilitates the expression of emotions.  It enables children to express what they're going through, and to deal with it better even when they can't explain or understand it.  The art therapist can help them understand, name and normalize what they're experiencing.

For more information on art therapy, write to us!

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