Mental health disorders

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On this page, we have provided you with important and specific information on various mental health disorders to help you know how to recognize them and take action.

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Mental health services

Where to go when needed

On this page you will have access to the contact information of the various specialized establishments offering help and support to people navigating the world of mental health.

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Quarterly information reviews

Our organization broadcasts a news bulletin at each change of season. To learn more about us, our services and the world surrounding mental health disorders, read it now.

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See our selection of books

Our organization has a well-stocked library of books and works on several subjects surrounding mental health, in both French and English. To see our full selection, simply click...

Webinars and conferences

Video presentations

We use our social networks to present webinars and conferences on hot topics related to mental health. Stay informed by watching the videos that interest you.

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