From 6 to 12 years old


When you are a kid and you have a loved one who is living with a mental health problem, it can be difficult to live with it. They may experience feelings such as frustration, worry, guilt, helplessness. This can lead to different behaviors: we close in on ourselves, we isolate ourselves, we no longer feel like doing activities that we used to like, we apply less to school. A child may have difficulty expressing his emotions and experiences in words. This is why art therapy and drama therapy are recommended to them.

Art therapy

Release your emotions through creation

In the same way that language is a tool, paintbrushes, pencils and clay are tools that will facilitate the expression of oneself and one's experiences. Through art, the child will become aware of his emotions and acceptance of his family situation. The art therapist will accompany the child or young person by proposing artistic activities that will stimulate the imagination, intuition and emotions, to go deeper, and encourage him/her to let go.


Express yourself while having fun

Dramatherapy combines therapy practices and tools from the world of theater: storytelling, role-playing, puppetry, masks, improvisation. The child or youth is invited to explore and reflect on personal experiences, emotional feelings and improve self-awareness, communication and empathy.

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